What is BTC Sniffer?

BTC Sniffer is a simple online tool for regular users. If you want to perform quick BTC Address check, see the balance of BTC address, see incoming or outgoing payments, or do more sophisticated drill down, BTC Sniffer is ideal tool for you. You don't need to understand much about Blockchain technology to use it. All you need is a valid Bitcoin address and you're ready to go. Simply enter Bitcoin address in search box and click GO. If you want to do more complex drill downs there are buttons that have predefined reports so you can use them as well.

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Quick guide for Sniffing through Bitcoin addresses

You can simply start by entering valid Bitcoin address into the search box and clicking GO button. You can also, click on previous "Sniffs". Sniffs are predefined searches with several parameters.

  • Default Sniff (DF): this is simplest search/Sniff and if no other option is specified it will check Bitcoin address and return it's content, number of Bitcoins and their value in £, €, $ (price is taken live)
  • Sent From Sniff (SF): this Sniff shows all options as Default with addition of all incoming transactions to address you are looking. So everything that ever entered address you're sniffing is there with prices in £, €, $. Also, you can check any of the addresses that sent money to it, so you will have another view. This way you can go backwards and search for the source you would like to find.
  • Sent To Sniff (ST): this sniff is almost the same as Sent From but it looks at addresses that has been paid from address you're checking. This way you can track coins going out of the address. And by simple click you can follow the trail of the Bitcoin till final destination. If you're planning to invest Bitcoins in ICO this is a good way to see what is going in the ICO Bitcoin address and when, where and how much is taken out of it.
  • Highest Outgoing (HO): this sniff shows highest payout from observed Bitcoin address, and another highest payout from the next address and does it for 5 addresses (follow the biggest money flowing out)
  • Highest Incoming (HI): similar like Highest Outgoing but this one shows highest incoming, so it tracks highest pay in through the series of 5 wallets (follow the biggest money flowing in)
  • Flow (FL): this one is very complex and it combines highest 5 incoming and highest 5 outgoing transactions through 3 levels. It shows 5 addresses up and down from the observed address, and then it shows 5 addresses with highest transactions for each of the second level addresses. This is the heaviest Sniff and it checks 61 Bitcoin address in one go. Of course you can hover over every of the results and get details, and if you click you will be doing a drill down to address of your choice.

Remember: If you click to any address on Flow result, your next search will be done with a default settings. Also, you can do only one search for same address in one session.